Does not flower.  Plant in part or full shade.  HxS 1mx60cm

The Shuttlecock or Ostrich fern has a running habit, producing upright clumps of stately plumes which unfurl spectacularly in spring in a single flush.  The croziers are edible and are often called fiddlesticks.  Another fern which requires a moist soil to do really well.  Deciduous in habit, it is ideal for a pond or waterside situation.  In good years fertile fronds are produced in autumn, with masses of spores which are green and ripen in mid-winter. Summer sun scorches the fronds so keep in shade at this time of year.  Native to Britain and Central Europe.  Hardiness rating H4. Pot size 9cm.

Care & Maintenance.

Remove collapsed fronds in spring not autumn, as they help protect the crown over the winter.  Sow spores in early spring or lift the rhizomes off the surface as they run and plant where required.

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