25 06, 2016

Hedgerow Flowers of Pembrokeshire


I am very lucky to live in rural Pembrokeshire and even luckier to have a quiet country lane directly opposite the house.  Known locally as Stoney Lane, it has steep banks on each side in the welsh style, stone overtopped by soil, and it meanders gently uphill for a mile or so and is ideal [...]

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9 03, 2016

The Spring Garden: Hellebores


The fat shoots of hellebores, pushing through snow or heaps of woodland leaves, are a sure sign of a new growing year, appearing as they do when most self-respecting plants are still sensibly dormant beneath their protective winter mulch. Hellebores belong to the Ranunculaceae family and the genus consists of a fairly small number of [...]

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30 12, 2015

Plants for Winter Interest


Winter Grasses I always endeavour to have colour in the garden throughout the year and, of course, it is the winter months that are the most challenging.  Plants need to cope with low levels of sunlight, short days, cooler soil and air temperatures, not to mention hard frosts and snowy weather.  This is [...]

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30 11, 2015

The Holly and the Ivy


It is interesting that two plants we might find growing in our gardens have such strong connotations with winter and the Christmas period.  Pagans had customarily decorated their homes in winter with evergreens culled from the landscape long before the birth of Christianity and many people still put holly wreaths or garlands on their door [...]

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