Flowers: August-October. Plant in moist part shade. HxS 2mx1m

A very dark, almost black-leaved form with pink budded, white flowers in late summer as other plants are fading.  It can grow to 2m in flower given ideal conditions and provides a great vertical accent in rich fertile soil.  Scent is just an added bonus!  Pest and disease resistant and does not require staking.  Formerly a member of the Cimicifuga family but now moved into Actaea.  Most of the Actaea simplex hybrids are slow growing and take a few years to reach maturity.  They are best ordered in spring as they are a devil to ship in late summer and we hate having to cut them back! Pot size 1.5 litre.

Care & Maintenance.

Divide with care in spring as the plants are not too tolerant of disturbance.  Easy to grow and maintenance free. *CAUTION: Poisonous if ingested.

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