Flowers: July-October.  Plant in sun or part shade.  HxS 80x75cm

An excellent hybrid with plain green leaves which give super autumn colour.  Breeder Jan Spruyt (J.S.) has taken several years to develop plump, thick, bottlebrush-like flowers in such a fiery red colour, over thick strong green foliage.  He says ‘Caliente’ is the Spanish word for hot and it is the ‘fire’ that you feel if you see those flowers.  The flower spikes themselves are held above the foliage in spikes.  The plant needs a moist soil to perform well and looks good when placed by water.  It is robust, deciduous ground cover, which is pest and disease resistant and will also tolerate shade. Pot size 2 litre.

Care and Maintenance.

Doesn’t need much!  Tidy old leaves in autumn or spring.  Propagate by breaking off pieces of stem in Mar-Apr and either plant directly into the ground or pot up.  Water well in very dry conditions until established.

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