Flowers: May-July.  Plant in sun and moist soil.  HxS  30x45cm

Native Ragged Robin is a creeping plant, forming mats in marsh or boggy areas.  It grows well as an aquatic marginal, although it is just as happy in damp meadows or the bog garden.  Flowering stems are held 30cm above the foliage and the flowers have narrow lobed ragged, pink petals.  Very attractive to butterflies, moths and other pollinators.  This semi-evergreen plant can be scorched by frost.  Planting depth 8cm/3″. Pot size 9cm.

Care & Maintenance.

Remove old foliage in spring and split plants every three or four years to maintain vigour.  Lychnis can be divided after flowering or collect and sow seed.  Dead head after flowering for a repeat show.


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