Does not flower.  Plant in light or part shade.  HxS 60x90cm

The Sensitive Fern is deciduous, with triangular pinnate fronds which emerge pink in early spring, turning blue-green as the season progresses.  The fronds die back after the first heavy frost (hence the common name).  This fern needs very moist soil to grow well.  It can run a bit so give it some room, although the rhizome can be peeled off the surface if it becomes too exuberant for its allotted space!  Easy to grow, it has North American origins but is now naturalised in many parts of Britain.  Hardiness rating H6.

Care & Maintenance.

We leave the old frosted fronds over the winter to protect the crown.  Propagation is very easy, just peel rhizomes off the ground and plant where required.

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