Does not flower.  Plant in part or full shade.  HxS 30x60cm

An unusual, deciduous fern, very unlike the normal Lady Fern, with 25cm/8″ fronds made up of small, lacy, rounded pinnae alternating on either side of the midrib.  It resembles tatting (handmade lace), hence the common name of Tatting Fern.  This fern is very hardy and easily grown in moist but well-drained neutral to acid soil.  This popular form is much sought and quite tolerant of drier sites once established.  Native, discovered by Mrs Frizell, a farmer’s wife, in Ireland in the nineteenth century, so definitely a stayer!  AGM. Hardiness rating H7. Pot size 2 litre.

Care & Maintenance.

This fern goes brown and then dormant quite early in autumn, so don’t be alarmed as it dies back.  It can be propagated from spores or by careful division in early spring.


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