Flowers: May-September.  Plant in sun.  HxS 25x30cm

Geranium sang. ‘Glenluce’, or ‘Bloody Cranesbill’, is pale purple-pink in flower with dark green leaves which are covered in silky hairs.  It was a 1937 discovery in Glenluce, Scotland, and is therefore very hardy and tolerant of most soils.  It is smaller in habit than many of this species, probably due to its native origin and well adapted to our climate.  Geranium sanguineum is so named for the leaves’ ability to staunch blood flow (presumably from sword wounds).  One for our Scottish cousins.  Plant it at the front of a border, rockery or on a bank or wall. Pot size 1.5 litre.

Care & Maintenance.

Cut the old stems back right to the ground in spring and propagate by careful division after flowering.  Seed collection provides some interesting new plants.


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