Flowers: May-October in flushes.  Plant in sun or part shade.  HxS 30x45cm

The flowers on Geranium macrorrhizum ‘White-Ness’ are pure white which lacks any of the red pigmentation found in other varieties of G. macrorrhizum.  The leaves are bright apple green and the plant is low growing in habit, making compact mounds.  This is a excellent introduction for the smaller garden, is evergreen in all but the hardest winter and was deservedly given AGM status (Award of Garden Merit) at the 2006 RHS Hardy Geranium Trial, conducted by the Royal Horticultural Society.  Hardiness rating H7. Pot size 1.5 litre.

Care & Maintenance.

This cranesbill is very easy to manage.  Remove old overwintered leaves in spring, tidying up any damaged by winter weather.  Propagate by division in spring.  Pest and disease resistant.


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