Flowers: March-April.  Plant in light shade.  HxS 20x20cm

This species is very variable with flowers which are mid to dark blue.  Native to Eastern Europe.  They all bulk up well, flower early in the spring and enjoy a well drained loamy soil.  They will also known to throw the occasional double flower.  The leaves appear just before the flowers, which are held for a few weeks unless the weather is poor.  Often flowering takes place intermittently throughout summer too.  The photograph shows a typical colour form.  Hepaticas prefer moist, well drained soil in some shade, usually flowering before the tree canopy opens.  They are not large plants so should be place where they can be seen and enjoyed.  AGM.  Hardiness rating H5.

Care & Maintenance.

The old foliage stays on over the winter and it is important to remove this in very early spring so the new flowers and foliage are not restricted.  Slow growing so it needs to be well established before any division.

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