Flowers: March-May.  Plant in full shade.  HxS 60x60cm

We would really love to know from where this wonderful plant gets its common name!  It makes superb ground cover beneath trees or tall shrubs.  The starry blue-purple, borage-like flowers appear on short stems, before the leaves, in early spring.  Great for early bumblebees!  Hairy heart-shaped, red stemmed leaves follow and remain all summer and autumn.  Grows well in any soil and is dry shade tolerant once established, although in very dry shade the leaves may collapse, reviving after rain.  A must have plant for the spring garden. Pot size 1.5 litre.

Care & Maintenance.

Clear the old foliage in autumn or winter as the new flowers appear very early in the spring before the leaves.  Propagate by division as new growth appears.

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