Flowers: May-July.  Plant in part shade.  HxS 45x30cm

This valuable shade plant has graceful, upright, wiry spikes with pink fringed, green flowers in early summer, becoming pink with age.  The flowers are faintly scented.  Fully hardy, these plants grow well in any well-drained, moist soil.  During Autumn these plants come into their own. They produce rosette forming mounds of evergreen leaves with dark purple leaf stalks which pick up red tones throughout the autumn and winter.  A plant that goes by the common name of Fringe Cup. Pot size 1.5 litre.

Care & Maintenance.

Pest and disease resistant. Can be propagated by division in early spring whilst tidying the previous season’s foliage. They will seed gently but you will need to weed out the less interesting green leaved plants.


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