Flowers: April-June.  Plant in part shade or woodland.  HxS 15x30cm

The rare double flowered form of bloodroot, which is much longer in flower as it is sterile.  Sanguinaria gets its common name as the rhizome bleeds red when cut through.  It enjoys similar conditions to Sanguinaria canadensis. The grey-green foliage emerges after the flower and often late in the life of the flower.  The leaf edges are slightly scalloped with the leaf being held vertically.  Seldom offered and a choice plant for the shade garden.  Photograph Copyright & Courtesy of Simon Garbutt, April 2006

Care & Propagation.

This is a slowly spreading rhizome.  It can occasionally be damaged by slugs, but we usually find it flowers before they emerge. Propagate by division, when dormant, as it sets no seed.

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