Flowers: May-June.  Plant in part shade or woodland.  HxS 45x45cm

Podophyllum peltatum is a rhizotomous, spreading perennial with palmate, sometimes mottled, leaves which push up through the soil in late spring like a furled umbrella.  Nodding cup-shaped white flowers develop in the leaf axils.  These are very waxy and go on to produce small, fleshy, deep pink fruits in late summer and autumn.  Best grown in a moist neutral to acid, peaty soil in shade.  Slug and snail resistant and ultra hardy.  We also sell Podophyllum hexandrum but you will find this listed under its new name: Sinopodophyllum hexandrum

Care & Maintenance.

This is such an easy plant.  Simply remove old leaves in autumn.  Propagate by seed or division in early spring.

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