Paris polyphylla


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Flowers: April-May.  Plant in part or full shade.  HxS 45x30cm

A green, starry flowered woodlander, native to Kashmir and Afghanistan.  The flower is attractive and complex, made up of broad green sepals and golden threadlike petals.  The lime-green stamens radiate from the prominent maroon tinged green boss in the middle.  This develops into unusual fruits which split to show a spectacular mass of fleshy red seeds.  Best grown in a moist, peaty soil.  Choice and rare.  Organically grown in peat free compost.  Hardiness zone H7.  Pot size 9cm or bare root tuber.

Care & Maintenance.

Can be propagated from seed.  Often goes dormant in early autumn.  Plant 8cm/3in deep.  *CAUTION toxic if eaten

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