Flowers: April-July in flushes.  Plant in part or full shade.  HxS 15x20cm

Bishop’s Cap or Mitrewort is a carpeting species for woodland, or very shady areas of the garden.  It has scallop-edged dark green leaves and multiple sprays of pale yellow-green, fringed flowers, held above the plant on pale stems.  The flowers are followed by jet black seed heads which are very attractive.  This unusual woodlander is an unassuming plant which creeps to form dense carpets under trees and shrubs.  It seeds about gently, is very easy to grow and is dry shade tolerant.  Evergreen except in the harshest winters.

Care & Maintenance.

Very lttle attention is required.  If you need to propagate more plants just collect seed and sprinkle where you want them.

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