Flowers: December-March.  Plant in light or part shade.  HxS 45x60cm

Striking, large flowers that last up to 12 weeks.  The flowers come in a range of colours from pure white through to deepest purple/black, including all shades of pink, cream, primrose-yellow, purple and pinkish red. Many are attractively spotted and mottled and all have large waxy, cup shaped flowers.  These are seedlings from Ballard hybrids and make attractive ground cover in areas of dappled shade under deciduous trees and shrubs.  They prefer a heavy, neutral to alkaline soil. Pot size 9cm.

Care & Maintenance.

We find many Hellebores start flowering in December in mild years and it is a good idea to remove the previous year’s old leaves before then so that you can see the flowers.  Seed is notoriously difficult to germinate unless sown fresh. Helleborus do not like being moved so choose their final planting area carefully.

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