Flowers: May-August.  Plant in part shade.  HxS 15x60cm

Sweet Woodruff is a carpeting perennial for part shade, under trees or shrubs.  Possibly considered an invasive plant but we are asked for it so often we grow it (in the nursery and I have to say in the garden!)  The plant bears whorls of star-shaped white flowers above neat green leaves all summer.  It was traditionally used to disguise odours in church, where it was strewn on the floor.  All parts of the plant are aromatic.  Native and evergreen with us.  Woodruff is a strongly scented plant, the sweet scent being derived from coumarin.  This scent increases on wilting and then persists on drying so it can be used in pot-pourri and as a moth deterrent.

Care & Maintenance.

Once you have it just lift and divide at will.  Divisions root easily in most seasons.

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