Flowers: April-May.  Plant in part or full shade.  HxS 30x15cm

This American native is a vigorous plant once established, forming offsets quickly. It was introduced by Carl Purdy and has mottled green leaves and white flowers, each having a brown basal ring.  The common name of Dog’s Tooth Violet refers to the canine shape of the bulbs.  They are tolerant of most soil types and it should be remembered that energy reserves and flowers are laid down the year previous to flowering, so the longer you can keep a plant in leaf the greater the increase in leaf and flowers stems will be the following year.  The plant will become dormant in late spring or early summer as the shade canopy unfurls. Pot size 1 litre. Hardiness zone H5.

Care & Maintenance.

A spring mulch is beneficial.  Seed can take 5 years to produce flowering plants. Very careful division in late summer or autumn is easy but the fang shaped bulbs are easily broken.


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