Flowers:  May-July.  Plant in part shade and moist soil.  HxS 30x45cm

The Snow Poppy is a valuable plant for moist shady woodland or stream banks.  It is related to the Sanguinaria family, and is very showy with white poppy flowers and yellow stamens.  It can run in the right conditions (never has here!) but does not become a problem. Fleshy scalloped, cordate basal leaves in a blue-grey colour are evergreen in a mild winter.  Good ground cover which is easy to grow and low maintenance.  Organically grown in peat free compost. Pot size 1.5 litre. Hardiness zone H6.

Care & Maintenance.

Clear old leaves in spring. Tends to run along the surface so is easy to lift and propagate. Mulch in very cold winters.

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