Flowers: April-May.  Plant in part shade or woodland.  HxS 34x30cm

A very hardy North American woodland plant, with lovely white reflexed flowers, on tall spires, held above the light green leaves during early spring.  It enjoys a moist, humus-rich soil with some shade in mid summer, often going dormant from mid-August, re-emerging early in the spring.  The white form is often a little taller than Dodecatheon meadia and will, in our experience, flower earlier, but enjoys the same woodsy conditions and associates well with Bluebells and Lily of the Valley.

Care & Maintenance.

Summer dormant.  It is worth giving the plants a foliar feed after flowering to help next year’s flowers form.  Comes true from seed although not all seedlings are white!  You can usually tell the white flowered seedlings as the leaves are paler than the species.


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