Flowers:  June-August.  Plant in part shade or open woodland.  HxS 75x45cm

The new leaves are lined with gold and topped with pink on this North American selection, a chance seedling found at the Bluebell Nursery, Nebraska.  The tufted hair grass enjoys a moist but well drained soil and the flower spikes are stiff, silvery plumes held clear above the foliage.  It cuts well and looks tremendous in any winter frost.  This is one of the few ornamental grasses that grows well in moderately shady locations, however it will not flower well if moved into deep shade.  Semi-evergreen foliage may retain some green colour in a mild winters and it can self-seed in optimum growing conditions.  Hardiness H7.  Pot size 9cm.

Care & Maintenance.

Cut to the ground in early spring as new shoots appear.  Propagate by division in spring.

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