Flowers: May-June.  Plant in full shade.  HxS 60x60cm

Blue Cohosh is the native name of this north American woodlander.  Apparently native americans used it as a remedy for the menopause!  The plant for the place nothing else grows!  Tolerant of the deepest shade under trees with slender olive green stems and olive foliage which gives it the appearance of a thalictrum.  The flowers are tiny greeny-brown in umbels held above the foliage and smell of nutmeg.  It is slow growing but does clump up once established.  It is not tolerant of lime, preferring a neutral to acid, peaty soil. Pot size 1 litre.

Care & Maintenance.

Clear the old leaves in autumn.  Divide carefully in spring or collect the berries.  The fleshy outer berry needs to be removed to get to the seeds.  As a tip, viable seed will always sink in water, non-viable will float.

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