Flowers: June-August.  Plant in part shade or open woodland.  HxS 2.5mx75cm

A sumptuous species with heavily fragrant, green-white trumpet flowers which have crimson throats.  These are over 30cm in length and are carried on talls stems to 2m+.  The leaves are olive-green and glossy.  This is a stunning feature plant which is perfectly hardy and should be planted quite deeply.  The bulbs we sell are usually five or six years old from cultivated stock, not gathered from the wild.  They may not flower in their first year.  Prefers a neutral to acid soil.

Care & Maintenance.

Plant 20cm/8in deep which helps support the flowering stem.  We have seen some as tall as 4 metres!  A winter mulch is beneficial.  The plant is monocarpic so the bulb dies after flowering leaving several offsets which flower within a year to two.  These can be left or lifted and moved to new locations.  It also sets seed which germinates readily to produce bulbils, often taking seven years to reach flowering size!

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