Flowers: April-May.  Plant in part or full shade.  HxS 30x20cm

An attractive plant with large, arrow-shaped, glossy green leaves which are heavily marbled with cream and will eventually make a dense carpet, covering the ground from late autumn, when it emerges.  In spring the pale green spathes stand above the leaves, followed in summer by a display of vivid red berries.  The plants grow particularly well in moist shade under trees and shrubs.  They build up to form large clumps and once mature will start flowering and fruiting and self sown seedlings may appear.  Hardiness rating H6. Pot size 1 litre/9cm.

Care and Maintenance.

None really needed!  Looks after itself.  It can be propagated by splitting in early summer or by seed, although you need to remove the flesh prior to planting.

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