Flowers: May-June.  Plant in light shade. HxS  50x30cm

Arisaema speciosum is a ‘beefy’ species from the Himalayas.  The very ornamental leaves are rimmed in red and the beautifully mottled stems are topped by a reddish-brown spathe which is hooded and striped in white.  One of the easiest to grow if you are new to Arisaema.  Grow in the shady border or in pots, with sharp drainage at the base of the tuber, but take pots in in winter.  Herbaceous. Will be sent as a tuber.

Care & Maintenance.

Be careful to mark the position of the plant in the garden.  The bamboo like shoots emerge in spring and, if damaged, stop the spathe and leaves unfurling.  Plant deep – we recommend 20cm/8ins, on top of grit if you are not well drained.  Propagate by seed or by cutting smaller tubers off the side of the larger one.  The tubers are quite large – think maincrop potato and you won’t be far wrong!

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