Flowers: May-July.  Plant in light or part shade.  HxS 1.25mx30cm

The Himalayan Cobra Lily is very architectural.  The petiole (stem) is heavily mottled in pinks and browns and the emerging spathe is striped in greens, pinks and browns.  The leaves then emerge behind the flowers and sit like the hoods of the cobra, giving the plant its common name.  Easy and reliable either in the garden or grown in pots.  The tuber requires sharp drainage so plant on a base of crock or gravel.  Winter dormant.  Please order early or late as these plants are difficult to send in full flower.

Care & Maintenance.

Plant deeply.  We suggest 20cm/8ins to the top of the tuber.  A handful of gravel under the tuber is also of benefit in wetter areas.  If you decide to grow in a pot we recommend you keep this dry during the winter.  A cold frame, shed or garage would do.


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