Flowers: May-June.  Plant in light or part shade.  HxS 60x30cm

One of the easiest and most distinctive of the cobra lilies.  Later to appear than other species, in June, the 75cm/30″ tall stalks emerge and are topped with an heavily dissected radial leaf of twelve leaflets.  The leaves have dramatic drip-tips which make the plant easily recognisable.  Alongside the leaf stalk is a large pitcher-like flower, usually green or purple and white striped with a large hood that ends in a long dangling thread.  Ultra hardy to -30C and best in a fertile, humus-rich soil which does not dry out.

Care & Maintenance.

Plant deeply.  We would recommend at least 20cm/8in to the top of the tuber.  The tubers will slowly build up small offsets which can be grown on or you can propagate from seed.  The plant dies back naturally in autumn.

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