Product Description

Flowers: June-Sept.  Plant in light/part shade.  HxS 70x60cm

Slightly taller and seeds less freely than Alchemilla mollis.  The yellow-green flowers are small but ethereal, held in spikes clear of the foliage.  Grows well in moist woodland areas where it tends not to flop or wilt in hot summers and the leaves do not scorch when placed here.  The species has been used medicinally for stomach ailments and to dye wool green.  Looks superb with water droplets on the leaves after rainfall and is widely used in leaf and flower arrangements as it cuts well.  Prefers a moist, rather than dry, soil and makes excellent ground cover.  Semi-evergreen in mild winters here in west Wales.  Pest and disease resistant. Organically grown in peat free compost.

Care & Maintenance.

Remove seed heads to restrict seeding about and promote more flowers.  Divide in early spring, whilst tidying up the old foliage.

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