Flowers: July-September  Plant in sun/part shade.   HxS 60x25cm

This South African native loves a well drained moist soil and will reward you with scented lilac flowers and garlic-scented foliage.  It can form dense clumps and is sometimes known as the Pink Agapanthus.  T. violacea is a great pollinator plant for butterflies and bees, whilst moths will visit at night.  This attractive plant is ideal for the herb garden, as both the leaves and flowers can be used in salads and other dishes.  The fresh bulbs can be boiled in water and the decoctions are taken orally to clear up coughs and colds. The Zulus use the leaves and flowers as spinach and as a hot, peppery seasoning with meat and potatoes.  So there you go, a plant for many uses! Pot size 1 litre.

Care & Maintenance.

Requires little care. Remove old foliage in spring, which is the best time to split established clumps.  Seed is best sown in late autumn.

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