Flowers: July-August.  Drop into your pond as an aquatic oxygenator.  HxS 10cmx75cm

Water Soldier is a very hardy aquatic plant, overwintering as submerged dormant buds and spending much of the year underwater, rising to the surface to flower during the summer and, once pollinated, they submerge again.  Rosettes of spiky, (watch out when handling them) pineapple-like leaves grow to 20cm (8″) and fine root hairs develop which anchor the plant.  The curious white flowers are produced in July and August.  This plant is not suitable for small ponds.  Plants are offered as bare root, full size, and should flower in their first year.  Just drop them into your pond and don’t worry if they sink!

Care & Maintenance.

Water Soldier can be propagated by detaching the new plantlets which grow out from the base.  If you don’t propagate the new plantlets automatically detach in autumn and overwinter.  To control the plant, if it outgrows its space, simply detach the plantlets and compost them.

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