Flowers:  May-July.  Plant in sun or light shade.  HxS 70x70cm

Siberian flag irises prefer a moist or even boggy soil so are excellent near water, although they are tolerant of drier conditions provided that they are watered well until established.  This is a new colour break, named as for wine not the rose!  It grows best in a neutral to acid soil, disliking lime.  Super flowers and earlier than many hybrids, so helping to extend the short Iris season.  This Iris also has a good upright habit with architectural leaves.  Hardiness rating H7.

Care & Maintenance.

Cut back all foliage to the ground in spring.  Plant all iris shallowly with the rhizomes on or just below the surface.  Split every four or five years to maintain vigour.  Propagate by division or seed. *CAUTION harmful if eaten.

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