Flowers: May-June.  Plant in sun or light shade.  HxS  80x45cm

This is a double flowered Siberian iris.  The neat, strap-like green foliage appears in early spring, whilst the flower buds develop, opening in May and flowering until early July.  The striking double flowers with their blue-violet petals have a tendency to curl a little.  The falls are splashed with cream and have paler violet centres.  A robust hardy perennial, it will thrive in both marshy and dry soils, but grows best in a soil that does not dry out in early summer.  Organically grown in peat free compost.

Care & Maintenance.

Remove spent flowers to promote more.  This plant cuts well for a vase.  Tidy in spring and propagate by division.  Plant the divisions shallowly with the rhizome on the surface.

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