Flowers: May to June.  Grow in sun or part shade.  HxS  1.5mx1m

The native yellow flag iris has yellow petals with darker yellow zoning and brown markings on the falls.  It is ideal for boggy and wet ground or as an aquatic plant in medium to large ponds.  Iris pseudacorus has an herbaceous habit appearing early in the spring and is an essential plant if you want to attract dragon and damselflies.  Green seed capsules follow the flowers and the foliage is grey-green and erect.  *CAUTION harmful if eaten.

Care & Maintenance.

Plant the rhizome shallowly, do not bury it, if placing in the ground.  Planting depth: in up to 25cm/10” of water if planting as a marginal in a pond.  Cut back in autumn.  Divide in spring or sow from seed.

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