Flowers: June-July.  Plant in sun or light shade.  HxS 1mx60cm

The flower is a complex ‘hose in hose’ double on this native water iris.  It grows happily in moist or boggy soil or can be placed in the pond as an aquatic marginal.  This Iris does set seed, despite being a double form and also comes true from seed.  It can take a season to settle down after initial planting and then grows well.  Easy to grow and a good attractor of wildlife, particularly dragon and damselflies whose larvae use the stems to emerge from the water.  Flowering from late May to early July the individual flowers are more long lasting than the species.

Care & Maintenance.

Cut back old foliage in autumn if planted as a marginal and spring if planted in soil.  Propagate by seed or division.  If dividing keep the rhizome on or near the surface of the soil or compost.

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