Flowers: October-April.  Plant in part shade and moist soil.  HxS 75x60cm

Previously known as Schizostylis, Hesperantha cocc. alba is the white flowered form that fades to pink and is distinctly taller and has darker green leaves than some of the named hybrids.  It flowers well throughout mild winters and can brighten up a dull corner.  Best grown in a moisture retentive soil in part or full shade.  Semi-evergreen and will flower through frost and light snow, the flowers perking up as they thaw!  Pest and disease resistant.  Hardiness H5.  Pot size 1.5 litre.

Care & Maintenance.

Tidy any damaged or old leaves in spring and tidy the plant. It may go summer dormant. Keep deadheading throughout winter to promote flowers. Split established clumps in late spring.

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