Flowers: June-August.  Plant in sun or light shade.  HxS 40x40cm

This daylily was introduced in 1982 from the USA.  The apricot flowers have a deep rose-coloured halo and green throat and are about 8cm/3in across.  It is quite early into flower and produces several flowers on each stem.  The Americans call Hemerocallis ‘Ditch Lilies’ because they are well suited to moist soil in a waterside location or front of border.  The ‘Siloam’ prefix recognises plants bred by Pauline Henry from Siloam Springs, Arkansas.  Mrs Henry popularised miniatures and small flowered daylilies.  The typical Siloam hybrid is miniature or small flowered, dormant and perfectly proportioned.  The bloom is rounded and lightly ruffled often with an eyezone in bold contrast to the background colour and has a compact habit, ideal for the smaller garden.

Care & Maintenance.

Clear the old foliage in late autumn, winter or early spring as the new shoots of Hemerocallis are amongst the first to appear in spring.  The clumps are easily split as they start to come through.  Many Hemerocallis set seed, but only the species plants will come true.  Clumps should be split every four or five years so they maintain vigour.

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