Flowers: July-September.  Plant in sun or part shade.  HxS 75x60cm

This lovely hybrid has large, fragrant, soft peachy-pink flowers with lavender ribs and a green throat.  They are star shaped and up to 10cm/4in across.  This daylily is a repeat bloomer, flowering all summer.  Diploid (two identical sets of chromosomes in each cell) daylilies continue to charm growers with their exquisite flower form, grace, and colour and more often than not good pink daylilies are mostly diploid.

Care & Maintenance.

Plants do not usually require dividing for several years, but are easily split apart in early spring.  Spent flower stems can be trimmed back after flowers are finished.  Remove old foliage in late winter dormant.

Photograph courtesy of Paul Paradis GNU_Free_Documentation_License

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