Flowers: July-August.  Plant in sun.  HxS 60x60cm

This daylily was raised in 1977 and is closest to white as there is in Hemerocallis, with 10cm/4in blooms.  These are fragrant over a long period in early summer, often re-blooming again in September.  The petals are creamy-white and slightly ruffled and the foliage is semi-evergreen. This is an excellent mid-season variety which enjoys a moist soil in full sun.  It grows well where the soil does not dry out in summer.  Pot size 1.5 litre.

Care & Maintenance.

Clear old foliage in autumn after dormancy.  The plants can be split at any time during the dormant period.  Divide large clumps every five years or so to maintain vigour.


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