Flowers: April to July.  Plant in part shade and moist soil.  HxS  2.5mx2.5m

The giant of the streamside or bog garden, growing to its full potential if well fed and having access to moisture.  From Chile, it can be grown in sun but must be kept constantly moist.  The huge umbrella leaves can grow up up to 1m across on prickly stems and the flowers can appear anytime between the start of growth in spring and mid-summer.  A must if you have room and superb by water, streams or in bogs.  AGM.  Hardiness rating H4.  LARGE plants in 3 litre (19cm diameter) pots.

Care & Maintenance.

Plant with the crown raised above the soil. Protect in winter by cutting the leaves and impaling them (inverted) on the stems (they look like Chinese coolie hats!).

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