Flowers: March-June.  Plant in moist or wet soil in sun.  HxS 90x60cm

Although Euphorbia are usually associated with dry or poor soils this member of the family loves damp, even wet sites and is happy on heavy soils.  It bears similar greeny-yellow flower heads held well above the foliage, flowering early in the year.  There is excellent autumn colour to the long elliptical leaves too.  A superb plant at the waterside or in the bog garden.  Pest and disease resistant.  Herbaceous and hardy to -20c. Pot size 1.5 litre.

Care & Maintenance.

Old flowerheads can be removed to encourage repeat flowering.  Cut the old stems back in late summer or very early spring, as signs of new growth appear.  You can also raise from seed or take cuttings in late summer.  Can be divided in February or early March. *Caution: The milky sap is an irritant and you should avoid contact with your eyes.

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