Flowers: June-September.  Plant in sun/light shade.  HxS 45x30cm

A lovely species, whose resemblance to a tiny Cymbidium satisfies the popular concept of an orchid flower.  It spreads by an extensive creeping root system.  A native orchid, the Marsh Helleborine is a scarce plant of lowland marshy ground such as fens, marshes and wet meadows and it prefers lime or chalk soils and is not tolerant of acid soil.  Seasonal flooding is quite acceptable so it can be planted in very wet areas.  A one-side flower spike of between four and twenty flowers which are tinged reddish-purple with a whitish lower lip appears in summer.  The flowers are pollinated by bees, wasps, bloodsuckers and hover flies. CITES required for Norway or Switzerland.

Care & Maintenance.

Easy to grow, but it must be established the the right situation or it will not thrive.  It seeds about when happy and grows perfectly well in our peat free compost.  Collect seed in late summer and sow immediately.

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