Flowers: July-November in flushes.  Plant in light or part shade.  HxS 45x60cm

A Geranium wallichianum hybrid, preferring cool conditions if it is to flower well.  Whilst it is tolerant of sun it grows best out of it on hot summer days!  The flowers are striking, ice blue with a white eye and dark purple veins and they glow!  The leaves are dark green, palmate and marbled.  The plant has a low growing habit and makes excellent weed suppressing ground cover.  A lovely new introduction which is sure to become popular as it becomes more widely known. Pot size 9cm – 1.5L

Care & Maintenance.

It is worth mulching this geranium in autumn to protect the crown over winter.  It appears again in late spring.  It is not easy to propagate as it has a tap root and seed does not come true so the best way is from cuttings.


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