Flowers: May-July & September-October.  Plant in full sun.  HxS 45x45cm

Geranium ‘Stephanie’ was discovered at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh appearing from seed sent by Cambridge University Botanic Garden as G. peloponnesiacum. This distinctive seedling is a hybrid between G. peloponnesiacum (a Greek species) and G. renardii. A strong growing plant with the sage-like, light green foliage of G. renardii which is smothered with upturned pale lilac-blue flowers. These have dark lilac veins. Prefers a slightly moist soil in full sun and is easy, being disease and pest resistant.  Evergreen, very floriferous and highly desirable. Pot size 2 litre.  Hardiness rating H7.

Care and Maintenance.

Cut back spent flowers for late summer reblooming. Divide in early spring.

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