Does not flower.  Plant in part to full shade.  HxS 2mx1m

Osmunda regalis, also known as The Royal Fern has an eventual height of 2m (6ft) in ideal growing conditions, is the largest British fern and is truly magnificent.  Grow it in a boggy area or at the water’s edge where it can fulfil its potential.   It is long lived and deciduous in habit, as well as being native.  Tolerant of some sun if it is planted in sufficient water.  If it gets too dry the fertile fronds will shrivel and do not recover, although the vegetative fronds are unaffected.  We don’t have a problem with this in Wales!  Hardiness rating H6. Pot size 1.5 litre.

Care & Maintenance.

The old fronds can be tidied in autumn or spring.  Propagate from spores or careful division. Keep moist at all times.

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