Does not flower.  Plant in part shade.  HxS 60x60cm

The common name of Autumn Fern is very confusing as it refers to the glossy bi-pinnate fronds, which are bright, coppery-pink as they emerge in spring not autumn!  The fronds then turn bronze and finally green as they age.  The sori are bright red and this combination or colours makes it one of our favourite ferns.  In milder winters it remains surprisingly evergreen although it is considered a deciduous sub-species.  We also find it tolerant of sun for part of the day.  Use these stunning colours to break up the greens of other ferns.  Hardiness rating H4. Pot size 9cm.

Care & Maintenance.

Remove tatty old fronds in spring, leaving them in place to protect the crown during winter.  Propagate by careful division or spores in spring.


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