Flowers: May-September.  Plant in sun or light shade.  HxS 1.25mx1m

Geranium psilostemon is one of the tallest hardy geraniums, with large, vivid, bright magenta flowers each having a black eye.  These flowers often appear luminous in early evening light.  The large palmate leaves colour well in autumn.  An architectural plant for the middle or back of a mixed border or a site in dappled shade.   Tolerant of most soils, but will be shorter on drier soil.  Easy and ultra hardy.  AGM.  Hardiness rating H7. Pot size 1.5 litre.

Care & Maintenance.

This cranesbill is very easy to manage.  Remove old leaves in spring.  Propagate by division in spring or collect and sow seed fresh in the autumn.  Pest and disease resistant.

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